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Patent # Description
US-9,982,938 Refrigerator and method for controlling the same
A method for controlling a refrigerator may comprise controlling at least one of a temperature and humidity of at least one storage area of the refrigerator...
US-9,982,936 Refrigerator
Provided is a refrigerator which allows a pivoting bar to pivot to seal a gap between a pair of doors regardless of whether the door at which the pivoting bar...
US-9,982,929 Air conditioner
An air conditioner includes a main refrigerant circuit where refrigerant flows in order of a compressor, outdoor heat exchanger, expansion valve, and indoor...
US-9,982,333 Mask frame assembly and method of manufacturing the same
A mask frame assembly for manufacturing a display device, and a method of manufacturing the mask frame assembly are disclosed. In one aspect, the mask frame...
US-9,982,233 Method for promoting generation of stem cell-derived exosome by using thrombin
The present invention relates to a method of promoting generation of exosomes from stem cell by using thrombin. The method according to the present invention...
US-9,982,165 Polishing slurry for silicon, method of polishing polysilicon and method of manufacturing a thin film...
A polishing slurry for silicon, a method of polishing polysilicon, and a method of manufacturing a thin film transistor substrate, the slurry including a...
US-9,982,121 Pyridinium modified composite, and article including same
A composite includes a cross-linked polymer including a pyridinium group and a thermoplastic polymer, and an article that includes the composite.
US-9,981,850 Electrically conductive thin films
An electrically conductive film including a compound represented by Chemical Formula 1 and having a layered crystal structure: MeCh.sub.2 Chemical Formula 1...
US-9,981,417 Apparatus and method of manufacturing display apparatus
An apparatus for and a method of manufacturing a display apparatus are provided. The apparatus includes a first mold configured to accommodate a window; a...
US-9,981,392 Arm unit and robot having the same
An arm unit having an improved configuration to simply change stiffness according to varying situations and a robot having the same are provided. The robot...
US-9,980,625 Dish washing machine
A dish washing machine is provided herein. The dish washing machine includes a switching assembly configured to change a direction of washing water sprayed by a...
US-9,980,619 Cyclone dust collector and vacuum cleaning device having the same
In a cyclone dust collector and a vacuum cleaning device having the same, foreign substances can be prevented from being attached on an outer circumferential...
US-D819,286 Handle for vacuum cleaner
US-D819,285 Handle for vacuum cleaner
US-D819,284 Door for drum washing machine
US-D819,282 Vacuum cleaner
US-D819,281 Washing machine
US-D819,112 Camera
US-D819,109 Waterproof case for a camera
US-D819,080 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
US-D819,079 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
US-D819,078 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
US-D819,076 Display screen or portion thereof with transitional graphical user interface
US-D819,031 Monitor
US-D819,030 Computer monitor
US-D819,029 Computer monitor
US-D819,028 Monitor
US-D819,027 Computer monitor
US-D819,025 SSD storage device
US-D819,024 External SSD storage device
US-D819,023 SSD storage device
US-D819,022 SSD storage device
US-D819,021 Electronic device
US-D819,020 Display device
US-D819,007 Cover for an electronic device
US-D819,003 Repeater for communications apparatus
US-D819,002 Repeater for communications apparatus
US-D819,001 Repeater for communications apparatus
US-D818,999 Stand for TV receiver
US-D818,998 Television receiver
US-D818,997 Television receiver
US-D818,996 Television receiver
US-D818,981 Electronic device
US-D818,980 Electronic device
US-9,980,398 Printed circuit board and display apparatus including the same
A printed circuit board includes: a base substrate having a plurality of pad group areas arranged in a first direction on the base substrate, each of the pad...
US-9,980,387 Flexible printed circuit board and display device including the same
A display device including a display panel including a substrate having one side on which a first conductive pattern is arranged, a flexible printed circuit...
US-9,980,373 Foldable display
A foldable display is disclosed. In one aspect, the foldable display includes a bendable display panel and a housing positioned at a rear side of the display...
US-9,980,358 Mobile X-ray apparatus
A mobile X-ray apparatus includes: an X-ray radiation device configured to emit X-rays; a controller configured to control the X-ray radiation device; a power...
US-9,980,309 Cell measurement and special function small cell selection method and apparatus for use in a mobile...
Disclosed is a method by a base station in a wireless communication system. The method includes receiving cell measurement information related to the serving...
US-9,980,291 Method and apparatus for random access in wireless communication system
A method and apparatus are provided for transmitting a random access preamble in a wireless communication system. The method includes estimating path loss based...
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