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Patent # Description
US-D773,760 Washing machine
US-D773,759 Door for washing machine
US-D773,757 Washing machine
US-D773,756 Washing machine
US-D773,755 Washing machine
US-D773,754 Washing machine
US-D773,753 Washing machine
US-D773,752 Pedestal for wine glass
US-D773,541 Refrigerator
US-D773,540 Drawer
US-D773,539 Refrigerator
US-D773,538 Refrigerator
US-D773,534 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
US-D773,528 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
US-D773,522 Display screen or portion thereof with transitional graphical user interface
US-D773,489 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
US-D773,485 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
US-D773,481 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
US-D773,477 USB (universal serial bus)
US-D773,476 USB (universal serial bus)
US-D773,467 Memory card
US-D773,459 Electronic device
US-D773,455 Electronic device
US-D773,446 Cover for electronic communications device
US-D773,417 Television receiver
US-D773,416 Television receiver
US-D773,415 Television receiver
US-D773,407 Remote control
US-D773,294 Box
US-D773,234 Microwave
US-D773,233 Microwave
US-9,510,461 Electric component module and method of manufacturing the same
There is provided an electronic component module capable of increasing a degree of integration by mounting electronic component on both surfaces of a substrate,...
US-9,510,455 Electronic component embedded substrate and manufacturing method thereof
The present invention discloses an electronic component embedded substrate and a manufacturing method thereof. The electronic component embedded substrate in...
US-9,510,443 Multilayer ceramic electronic component and board having the same
A multilayer ceramic electronic component includes a ceramic body including dielectric layers; and first and second internal electrodes having at least one of...
US-9,510,440 Display device and curvature variation device adapted thereto
A display device includes a flexible display substrate and a curvature variation device. The curvature variation device is disposed on a rear surface of the...
US-9,510,381 Scheduling method and apparatus in system performing device-to-device communication
A link scheduling method in a system for performing Device-to-Device (D2D) communication includes periodically collecting information indicating whether to...
US-9,510,366 Indexing resources for transmission of acknowledgement signals in multi-cell TDD communication systems
Methods and apparatus are described for a User Equipment (UE) to determine a set of resources available for transmitting an acknowledgement signal in an UpLink...
US-9,510,364 Transmission of scheduling assignments in multiple operating bandwidths
Methods and apparatuses are described for the transmission of Scheduling Assignments (SAs) from a base station to User Equipments (UEs) for data reception in...
US-9,510,348 Apparatus and method for allocating resources in a single carrier-frequency division multiple access system
Methods and apparatuses are provided for transmitting data in a subframe including two slots in a communication system. Resource allocation information is...
US-9,510,345 System and method for efficient indication of distributed sub-band resources
A resource allocation message includes a resource allocation field. The resource allocation field includes a first field that includes either a first sub-field...
US-9,510,327 Aggregation of FDD and TDD cells
Methods and apparatus of a base station or a User Equipment (UE) in communication with each other are provided. The UE is configured by the base station for...
US-9,510,305 Power headroom report method and apparatus of UE
An improved method and an apparatus for reporting Power Headroom (PH) of a UE are provided. The Power Headroom Report (PHR) method of the present invention...
US-9,510,273 Communication system with cell selection mechanism and method of operation thereof
A communication system includes: an antenna configured to receive a receiver signal; a communication unit, coupled to the antenna, configured to: generate a...
US-9,510,244 Apparatus and method for controlling cell reselection timer in communication system
A method for operating of a terminal in a communication system is provided. The method includes receiving first information for cell reselection, reconfiguring...
US-9,510,230 Method and apparatus for controlling user equipment access in mobile communication system
A method for a Mobility Management Entity (MME) to control a connection of a User Equipment (UE) in a mobile communication system is provided. The method...
US-9,510,225 Interference measurement method and apparatus for use in distributed antenna system
An interference measurement method and apparatus for use in a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is provided. The method for transmitting channel state...
US-9,510,167 Electronic device and method for changing alarm mode
An electronic device that includes a control module configured to extract schedule related information from text data, change an alarm mode of the electronic...
US-9,510,163 Method and apparatus for managing a group profile in a Wi-Fi direct communication system
A Wi-Fi direct communication system and method are used for regenerating a group of an electronic device in the Wi-Fi direct communication system, and an...
US-9,510,154 Location determination, mapping, and data management through crowdsourcing
Mapping through crowdsourcing includes determining, using a processor, segments for a plurality of trajectories, wherein each trajectory includes radio...
US-9,510,063 Functionality extending kit of display apparatus and controlling method thereof
Provided herein is a functionality extending kit of a display apparatus, the kit including a receiver which enables content to be viewed using an inserted card;...
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