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Patent # Description
US-9,766,377 Window for display device and display device including the window
A display device window includes a polymer blending resin layer and a light transmittance film disposed on the polymer blending resin layer. The polymer...
US-9,766,302 Methods and apparatus for calibrating sensors under disruptive conditions
A method and apparatus are provided for calibrating a sensor under disruptive conditions. The apparatus includes user equipment. The user equipment includes a...
US-9,766,092 Method for performing function using sensor data and electronic device for providing same
An electronic device and method utilizes an external sensor group to facilitate miniaturization the device and repair/replacement of external sensors. An...
US-9,766,084 Method and apparatus for recommending a route
A method and apparatus for recommending a route. The route recommending method includes obtaining user's current body information; obtaining geographic...
US-9,766,072 Method and device for providing travel route of mobile medical diagnosis apparatus
A method and device for providing a travel route of a portable medical diagnosis apparatus include acquiring a travel image obtained by capturing a space to...
US-9,766,061 Apparatus and method for measuring pretilt angle of liquid crystal
An apparatus and method for measuring a pretilt angle of a liquid crystal (LC) are disclosed. The method includes irradiating polarized light on an LC cell...
US-9,765,981 Humidification filter, and vaporizing humidifier including the same
A humidification filter, in one aspect, includes at least one of natural fiber and regenerated fiber mixed with a hydrophobic synthetic fiber.
US-9,765,959 Speaker including a speaker apparatus and a lighting apparatus
A speaker including a speaker apparatus and a lighting apparatus are provided. The speaker having a conical vibration portion, and a lighting apparatus...
US-9,765,937 Light source, a method of manufacturing the same, and a backlight unit having the same
A light source includes a substrate and a plurality of light emitting devices disposed on the substrate. Each of the light emitting devices is configured to...
US-9,765,917 Vacuum insulation material
A vacuum insulation material including: a core material; and a gas adsorbing agent, wherein the core material and the gas absorbing agent are interposed between...
US-9,765,466 Balancer and washing machine having the same
A balancer of a washing machine having improved balancing performance. The balancer includes a balancer housing having an annular channel therein, at least one...
US-9,765,428 Apparatus for deposition and substrate alignment method in the same
A deposition apparatus includes a sheet, an edge portion of which is integrally combined with a sheet frame, an electrostatic chuck attached to a bottom surface...
US-9,765,295 Composition for culturing sanal and sanal culturing method using the same
Provided are a sanal culturing composition and a method for culturing sanal using the same.
US-9,765,244 Adhesive film for polarizing plate, adhesive composition for the same, polarizing plate including the same, and...
An adhesive film for polarizing plates includes a (meth)acrylic copolymer obtained by polymerizing about 15 wt % to about 30 wt % of a (meth)acrylic monomer...
US-9,764,802 Floating type LNG station
A floating type LNG station floats on the sea and is used for refueling a ship or a marine structure using LNG. The floating LNG station comprises: a floating...
US-9,764,320 Anion exchange methods using anion exchange precursor
An anion exchange method using an anion exchange precursor based on a metal-chalcogenide compound is provided. The anion exchange method includes exchanging an...
US-9,763,923 Composition for reducing senescence of cell or subject including BRAF inhibitor and use thereof
Provided is a method of reducing senescence in a cell or subject, or treating or preventing a symptom or disease associated therewith, by administering a BRAF...
US-9,763,647 Transmit/receive isolation for an ultrasound system
A transmit/receive isolation for an ultrasound system to block a high voltage transmit signal from being propagated to a receiving unit during a transmission...
US-9,763,643 Probe for ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
A probe for an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus which is used for performing a test upon a subject is provided. The probe includes a case which forms an exterior...
US-9,763,639 Tomography imaging apparatus and method of reconstructing tomography image
A tomography imaging apparatus is provided, including: a data acquisition unit configured to acquire a plurality of partial data respectively corresponding to a...
US-9,763,595 Apparatus and method of measuring bio impedance
A bio impedance measurement apparatus includes a current applicator configured to provide, to terminals contacting a body, a current based on a first control...
US-9,763,504 Portable electronic device and cover device thereof
Disclosed is a cover device for a portable electronic device that includes a cover unit that covers a screen of a display unit of the portable electronic device...
US-D798,010 Vacuum cleaner
US-D798,007 Robot cleaner
US-D798,006 Washing machine
US-D797,945 Head fixing device for medical apparatus
US-D797,820 Refrigerator
US-D797,818 Refrigerator
US-D797,817 Refrigerator
US-D797,795 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
US-D797,794 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
US-D797,786 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
US-D797,764 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
US-D797,763 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
US-D797,738 Monitor
US-D797,737 Monitor
US-D797,732 Display device
US-D797,731 Display device
US-D797,729 Mobile terminal
US-D797,726 Electronic device
US-D797,725 Electronic device
US-D797,724 Electronic device
US-D797,723 Electronic device
US-D797,722 Electronic device
US-D797,715 Cover for an electronic communications device
US-D797,714 Electronic device
US-D797,713 Portable electronic device
US-D797,712 Network hub
US-D797,711 Network hub
US-D797,698 Telephone
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